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Superior Mosquito Defense is the Ultimate Solution for mosquito control for your yard, business or public area.

If you see this yard sign, it is not only a declaration of a mosquito free yard, but a sign of smart homeowners who chose to Take Back Their Yard and Enjoy a Mosquito Controlled Zone!

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are the standards we strive for and we back it up with results and our 100% Guarantee “FREE TREATMENT” policy.

Tips For Mosquito Control

Our goal is to show you just how much of an impact mosquitoes have on your everyday life and how we can help with their infestation and population.

Where Are Mosquitoes During Winter?

You don’t see many mosquitoes during the winter months, but as soon as that warm & humid weather returns, they are back and strong.

Five Diseases Prevented by Mosquito Control

With the warm temperatures of summer come pool days, backyard barbecues, and those pesky mosquitos.