Special Event Insect Sprays

Superior Mosquito Defense offers backyard mosquito control spray treatments for special events, allowing you to enjoy mosquito-free outdoor parties, weddings, picnics, holiday’s, family reunions, barbecues or any outdoor event you have.

Nothing ruins a special outdoor gathering faster than swarms of annoying and biting mosquitoes!

Outdoor weddings, reunions, parties, civic events, pool parties, games and any outdoor entertainment should be enjoyed without the annoyance of mosquitoes and other biting insects. Protect your special event (and the people attending) with a mosquito yard treatment event barrier from Superior Mosquito Defense. Our insect spray effectively prevents constant swatting. Everyone in attendance will appreciate the absence of these flying mini-monsters.

On the morning of, or preferably the evening before any outdoor event, a Superior Mosquito Defense Specialist will treat the area around the event site with mosquito repellent for yard using techniques similar to our Superior Barrier Shield Program, ensuring a much more enjoyable event for everyone…except of course, the mosquitoes!

Tips For Mosquito Control

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Where Are Mosquitoes During Winter?

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Five Diseases Prevented by Mosquito Control

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